Regional Chapters

The Regional Chapters (RCs) are self-organised, regional associations of scholarship recipients and alumni of the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM programme, and are managed by members on a voluntary basis. From Karlsruhe to Ulm or Konstanz, in Hong Kong, Santiago de Chile, or Cameroon, Regional Chapters are founded and maintained all over the world, wherever recipients of the Baden-Württemberg scholarship live.

All RC members can take part in activities, make new and interesting contacts, and discover exciting locations and exciting stories together. In addition, all RC members can offer and organise activities for other members. From a “Stammtisch” social meeting to a museum visit or virtual lecture series, or even an evening of cooking together – anything is possible! If there is no Regional Chapter near you yet, you are welcome to found one! The Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM team will be happy to support you. 

Further information on the individual Regional Chapters and their activities and schedules is available through the BWS-World online portal.

Regional Chapters