How we work
The principle of reciprocity

How the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM works

The Baden-Württemberg Stiftung provides the funds used to award scholarships. Scholarships always have a relationship to the German state of Baden-Württemberg: This means that the scholarships either make it possible for an international student to spend time in Baden-Württemberg, or they support students from Baden-Württemberg universities who want to study abroad.

In addition to university students, young professionals from Baden-Württemberg can also receive funding for continued education or an internship abroad through the BW-STIPENDIUM.

Important note: The Baden-Württemberg Stiftung itself does not award any scholarships. Applications may be submitted only to the International Offices of the individual universities in Baden-Württemberg. Please contact the Akademische Auslandsamt / International Office / the office responsible for international activities at your home university for questions regarding the application process.

Coordination, advising, and support for candidates and scholarship recipients are provided by the individual universities, and Baden-Württemberg International.


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BWS Plus

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BWS Film production

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Walter-Hallstein programme

for university students, young professionals, and municipalities 

Regional scholarship

The Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM
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