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The exchange scholarship
for university students

BW-Stipendium for university students

Are you studying in Baden-Württemberg, and want to gain international experience? The Baden-Württemberg scholarship for university students makes it possible. It supports students from Baden-Württemberg universities during their time abroad, and funds students from international universities while they are studying in Baden-Württemberg. Around 1,500 young people benefit from this scholarship each year.

Target audience
university students
3 – 11 months
Scholarship amount
€ 600 to € 1,400 per month

As a scholarship recipient, you will not only receive financial support, but will also become part of the global Baden-Württemberg scholarship network. This network can guide and support you throughout your life. For complete information, please visit the BWS-World page.

We also offer the possibility of signing up for and participate in our Online Academy. You will find a large offer of workshops, online classes and different groups. Feel free to start your own group of language tandems, teach other scholarship holders a skill you have and become a mentor to others. Sign up here!

Overseas stay with the

From Baden-Württemberg to the world, and vice versa. :
For university students

Gain professional experience abroad. :
For professionals


Applications from Baden-Württemberg
Applications can be submitted only through the Akademische Auslandsamt or in the International Office of your respective university in Baden-Württemberg. 

Applications from international partner universities
Information on applying for a Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM is available from the Akademische Auslandsamt or International Office at your home university abroad.

The Baden-Württemberg universities will pre-select applications as part of their respective selection processes, and in coordination with the international university. The universities’ suggested selections will then be submitted to project sponsors at the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, which makes the final decision on whether to award a scholarship. The Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM for university students is awarded exclusively through partnerships between Baden-Württemberg universities and their international partner institutions.


for university students


Scholarship-related downloads


Applications are submitted via the BWS-World portal. Applications cannot be submitted directly to the Baden-Württemberg Foundation.

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